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Buy Keykeg connectors and cleaning adaptors

Keykeg coupler

Keykeg coupler connector

The KeyKeg connector with integrated safety valve connects KeyKeg to your existing dispensing system. It's designed for KeyKeg's unique feature: separation of the propellant gas from the beverage. Every coupler is delivered with a deflating tool and a bar instruction card.

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Keykeg wall socket

Wall mount Keykeg cleaning adaptor socket. For connecting to your existing cleaning system of your cellar wall board.

Keykeg red cap
Keykeg deflating tool

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Sankey Keg connector S-Type

Sankey keg coupler

S-Type (Sankey) keg connector fitting:

The most commonly used keg connector in the UK
Used on a lot of Carlsberg and Heineken products
Amstel, Banks's, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Foster's, John Smith's, Pedigree keg, Kronenbourg 1664,
Heineken, Mansfield smooth, Marston's, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, San Miguel, 
 Staropramen, Strongbow, Stowford press, Tetley's

Sankey keg connector are available to buy in our online store.

Sankey keg coupler

Buy A-type keg connector fittings

Slide on keg fitting

A-Type keg connector (slide on) fitting:

Usually used by Guinness and on the following products
Hoegaarden, Guinness, Pimm's, Asahi and palm

A-type keg connectors are available to buy in our shop
John guest fittings sold separately.

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Grundy keg connectors G type fitting

Grundy keg coupler

Grundy Keg coupler

Used a lot by Coor's and on the following products
Beck's vier, Blackthorne, Caffrey's, Coor's, Carling, Magner's, Worthington,
 Grolsch, Budweiser, Stella 4%

We can also supply G type cleaning adaptor sockets, call us on 01293 862383 or visit our on-line store

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John guest plastic fittings can be bought separately