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Draught wine

Roli & Ryan wines now available on tap in the UK

draft wine

We select genuine, unadulterated Italian wines and help you get them directly to the consumer in wine by the glass or by the carafe.

Restaurateurs can make better margins, great wine becomes more accessible and customers get better value in their glass

Pay for great wine, not the bottle.

When you buy wine in modern P.E.T. wine 'kask' from Roli & Ryan wines, you pay for the wine not: the bottle, the label, the cork or fluffy marketing.

keg prosecco
Our wine kasks sell out in 7-14 days guaranteeing consistently fresh wines.

Superb wines at a much lower economic and ecologic cost.

Roli & Ryan's 30ltr holds more than 40 bottles or 200 5oz glass pours.

You get the same amount of wine with half the weight, saving on delivery cost, burning less fuel and creating fewer carbon emissions. Because the casks are one way, there is no fuel burned to return it, no deposit, no storage and no logistical nightmare returning empty kasks.

Our kasks are 100% recyclable

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Draught wine from Roli & Ryan in kegs from Italy now available in the UK

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