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Craft Beer Rising 2013 at the old Truman brewery London

We were at the craft beer rising event at the old Truman brewery in London setting up the draught beer on the stands. It was a great few days and I would like to thank everybody for the free beers that were given to us. Below are a few of the photos from the event:

Thornbridge stand craft beer rising
Thornebridge Brewery
The Union Tavern Craft beer rising
The Union Tavern
Wells and Young's
Hook Norton Brewery
Brew Dog at craft beer rising
Brew Dog
Greene Kings stand craft beer rising
Greene King
Hogs Back Brewery
Marston's brewery
Brains craft brewery
Batemans at craft beer rising
Brewers and Union

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Cask ale fault finding

Cask AleCask Ale Corner
Here we will highlight common problems associated with cask ale and the reasons why they occur.

Q. My beer is flat and tastes off?

A. How long has the cask been on for? Has it past its best?

A. Is your cellar temperature correct? It should be 12ºC

A. Was your cask vented properly?

Q. My cask ale tastes like vinegar?

A. Cask left on sale for too long

A. Cask is infected

Q. Cask ale serving 

A. Has your cask been pegged and conditioned properly?

A. Is your cask nut connected properly and hop filter fitted?

A. Is your sparkler too tight?

A. Are your lines clean?

A. Cellar cooling at 12ºc

A. Call tech services if none of the above

Q. Handpull hard to pull

A. Is your gas pump on?

A. Is the hop filter clean?

A. Have you left a hard peg in the cask?

A. Call tech services if none of the above

See our guide for setting up real ale

Different types of keg fittings

Which type of keg connector fitting do I need for my keg?
Below is a selection of the most commonly used keg connectors within the UK

UEC keg connector
Usually used by Inbev and on the following products
Boddingtons, Stella, Leffe

A-type keg coupler
Usually used by Guinness and on the following products
Hoegaarden, Guinness, Pimm's

grundy keg coupler
Used a lot by Coor's and on the following products
Beck's vier, Blackthorne, Caffrey's, Carling, Worthington,
 Grolsch, Budweiser, Stella 4%

Sankey keg coupling
S-Type (Sankey) keg connector fitting:
The most commonly used keg connector in the UK
Used on a lot of Carlsber and Heineken products
Amstel, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Foster's, John Smith's, Kronenbourg 1664,
Heineken, Marston's, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, San Miguel, 
 Staropramen, Strongbow, Tetley's
Keykeg connector fitting
Keykeg style keg connector fitting:
They look very similar to a G type (grundy)
They are different underneath and connect in a different way.
They are mainly used by craft beer breweries on many different products.

Keg connectors are available to buy in our store.

M type keg coupling
Appears the same as an A-type but the probe on the under side is narrow and longer

This is just a guide and the breweries sometimes decide to change, so try and make sure you have the correct keg connector before you buy.