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Beer line cleaning

Professional beer line cleaning services available, we can set up a regular contract to come and clean your beer pipes.

We can also give a one off blitz clean to remove any hardened yeast that normal line cleaning chemicals can struggle to remove.

Beer line cleaner supplied

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Beer Line Cleaning Bottle

Step 1.  Remove each of the connectors from each product and connect to the cleaning socket on the wall.

Step 2. Make sure that each gas line that is usually switched on and running in to the keg is turned off (switches that are running the gas pump can be left on). If any of the gas lines to the kegs are left on the floats in the cellar buoys will keep falling and you will have to keep filling them back up again.

Step 3. Fill up your beer line cleaning bottle with water and mix in the correct amount of beer line cleaner. Different brands of beer line cleaner have different dilution ratios... so better check on the back of the bottle first.

Step 4. Switch on the pump that is connected to the line cleaning bottle.

Step 5. Open each beer tap and pull through all of the beer in the line until you reach the beer line cleaner. Once you are at the line cleaner pull at least 1 pint through and leave it to soak for at least 20 minutes.

Step 6. Pull at least another 2 pints of line cleaner through and allow to soak for another 10 minutes, then repeat this process until line cleaner is coming through clear.. Or purple if you are using a beer line cleaner that changes colour.

Step 7. Rinse out line cleaning bottle and fill up with fresh water.

Step 8. Open each beer tap and pull through all of the beer line cleaner until you reach water. Then pull through a few gallons of water on each beer tap just to be safe

Step 9. Reconnect each beer line to the correct kegs and turn back on the gasses that you turned off. Don’t forget to turn off the line cleaning pump.
Step 10. Open the beer taps and pull out all of the water until you are back to beer again. You now have clean beer.