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We are appointed agents for the supply, installation and maintenance of the Patented BeerSaver™ Microbial Inhibitor System created by Cambridge Scientific Solutions Ltd.
The BeerSaver™ System is the only scientifically proven and fully documented Microbial Inhibitor System in the Market. This system will reduce your Beer Wastage by 75% and help you to achieve consistency in beer quality.
If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from The BeerSaver™ system and to arrange to have a free survey, Please follow the link below or call: 01780 483863

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4 weeks free, no obligation trial of the unique BEERSAVER system, huge savings to be made!       

Guarantees 4 weeks between the usual weekly beer line clean. Saving you the cost of the beer that is usually thrown away each week, time, line cleaner and water.
The system consists of a flexible coil contained within the beer pipe leaving the keg connection. The coil carries a very low voltage radio frequency that inhibits the growth of yeast and bacteria in the beer, this reduces having to clean the beer lines from once a week to once a month, or longer in most cases.

The free trial includes a professional line clean as part of the service.

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