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Beer festival equipment hire

Beer Festival Equipment

Thinking of having a beer festival but not sure where to start?

We can supply everything that you would need, cask racking, cooling jacket, cask taps, remote coolers etc.

From a small 6 out setup to a large 200 cask event, we can supply everything to make your beer festival run smoothly and have your beers served correctly.

We can also supply any other draught beer dispense equipment for standard kegs and Keykegs.

For more information on beer festival equipment hire call us on 01293 862383 or email us on

Beer festival hire

cask tap hire

beer festival equipment

Another Craft beer tap wall

Even more craft beer taps added at the newly named Goose craft house (formerly the wandering goose) Marine parade in Worthing. Lots of craft to choose from on their new tap wall from a huge range of craft breweries. Go and check it out if you're in the area.

For more information on tap wall installations get in touch on 01293 862383 or email

The Goose Crafthouse tap wall

Craft beer tap wall



Guaranteed fresh as it is delivered via a sealed keg – it stays fresher
than the equivalent product from a bottle.


Create excitement and generate a fantastic talking point. Serve
volume. Expand your cocktail menu and increase interest.


Speed of service – 80% faster serve – no lost time opening bottles.
Pour a glass of fizz in seconds.
Minimise wastage – stop throwing away half full bottles.
Optimise bar space – no chilled bottles talking up your storage space.


Minimise the carbon footprint - reduce packaging.


Be ahead of the curve - stand out from the crowd.


Go local for the very best service!

FOR A FREE DEMO call 01273 327777 or mobile 07977107634

Prosecco. The famous Italian sparkling
wine that everyone loves to drink. Drink it
by the glass from the keg – it’s the way
Italians have been drinking it for years.
The conditioned kegs perfectly serve the
freshest Italian sparkling wine directly
from the winemaker to the glass, the way
it’s meant to be.
Our award-winning sparkling wine makes
it easy to enjoy a special occasion every
day. We take great pride in the
provenance, the wine making and the
delivery of the perfect serve. Pour the
freshest glass every time.
An authentic way to drink Italian fizz - it’s
Italy’s best kept secret. Our kegs simply
hook up to a spare beer line in your bar,
and it is ready to serve.

D type keg coupler

D type sankey coupler

D type American Sankey keg connectors are now available to buy from us in our online store.

Below images show a comparison of a D type Sankey coupler and an S type Sankey coupler.
The probe on the D type Sankey pretty much sits flush when the handle is pulled up. Also it is slightly wider than the European S type Sankey keg coupler.

We hold both of these items in stock.

American Sankey k fitting
American Sankey keg coupler

Draught beer dispenser hire

Portable beer machine hire

Summer time is only around the corner so it won’t be long before weddings are being organised, garden parties are in the pipe line and the annual summer staff get together to fast approaching.

Our portable, table top beer dispensers are a great alternative than buying cases and cases of bottled products. Having a keg to hand is a much easier solution and a definite talking point amongst friends. All you need is your keg of choice, the right venue and the perfect crowd and our portable beer machines will help make the party and keep a lot of your guests very happy. Plug it in and the inbuilt cooler and compressed air unit will kick in allowing you to pour till your heart’s content within only 5 minutes. There is nothing else to worry about. Our technicians will deliver set up and collect the machine when you’re done allowing you to nurse that dreadful hang over rather than collecting empty bottles.

Call us now and reserve your machine early to avoid any disappointment.
Lindr beer dispenser

A night with the lads??

Make it a night to remember and something to talk around by hiring one of Kontkt 40 portable beer machines! No guessing who will be the popular one if your friends come round for a few beers only to find a keg of your favourite beer and a stack of pint glasses and two taps ready for pouring.

Our portable beer machines look fantastic, are easy to set up and are stress free. Hire one from us and we will deliver, set up and collect from you, allowing you to worry about other things!

For more information on how the machines works then please visit our website or call us and we will be happy to help.

Table top beer machine dispenser package deals!

Hire our table top beer dispenser for the whole weekend, choose one keg or cider, beer or ale from our list and a stack of disposable pint glasses for as little as £200

Transformer for beer font lights 24v 6 out

24v bar light transformer for illuminating beer font lights capable of lighting up to 6 beer fonts up at a time. Available to buy in our online store.

Mixed gas primary regulator valve for beer

Mixed gas beer regulator

Mixed gas primary regulator valves for beer with wall mounting bracket. Mixed gas valves for connection to 30/70 and 60/40 gas bottles for beverage gasses.

Mixed gas regulators now being sold in our online store.

CO2 gas primary regulator valve

CO2 gas primary valve
CO2 gas primary regulator valves with wall mounting bracket for draught beer installations available now to buy in our online store

CO2 Gas regulator

M type wall mounted beer cleaning socket

M-type wall cleaning adaptor
M type wall mounted cleaning socket for cleaning draught beer pipes, easily attached to existing draught beer cleaning system.
M type cleaning adaptors are now available to buy in our online store or call us on 01293 862383 for more information.

M type keg coupler

MType keg connector

M type keg coupler connector for M type kegs - 5/8 john guest fittings sold seperatley.
M type wall mounted cleaning sockets are also available to purchase in our online store.

Pressurised beer line cleaning bottle 5 ltr for cleaning beer pipes

Pressurised cleaning bottles for cleaning draught beer pipes are now available for sale in our online store. These small beer cleaning bottles are ideal for smaller venues where the beer pipes are short and there is no existing system in place to clean the beer lines. We can also supply beer line cleaning solution if required.