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Draught beer dispenser hire with keg

Hire one of our draught beer dispensers and a keg of Beck's Vier (88 pints) delivered to your door for £265 plus Vat (£318). £3.61 per pint (£3.01 before vat)

Lindr beer dispenser UK

Or with 2 kegs of Becks Vier (176 pints)  for £400 plus vat (£480) £2.72 per pint (£2.27 before vat)
Keg hire

Or with 3 keg of Becks Vier (264) for £545 plus vat (£654) £2.47 per pint (£2.06 before vat)

Becks Vier on Draught
Other keg products are available on request, prices are similar for Foster's and Carlsberg lager additional costs for delivery into central London may apply. Contact us for further details about prices and delivery.
Great for stag weekends and office partys. Prices change often so please call us for the most up to date keg prices!


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