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Buy Gas pumps G56 Flojet Stanwell

Flojet G56 Gas Pump
Plastic Moulded Diaphragm Pump. FLOJET G56 AIR DRIVEN BEER PUMPS antoprene diaphragm‚ EPDM Valves Connections: - Fluid‚ 12.7mm (1/2") hose - Air‚ 6mm (1/4") hose Dimensions: - 116mm long‚ 82mm wide‚ 149mm high Output: - up to 26.5 litres/minute (5.9 gallons/minute). Maximum pressure 8.3bar (120psi) Capable of passing solids up to 3.2mm diameter Corrosion Resistant Sanitary Design Self-priming up to 4.5m Pump can run-dry and handle liquids up to 49ºC (120ºF) Max. Air Supply Pressure8.3bar (120psi)
The Flojet G56 Gas Pump has rapidly become the industry standard for use enhancing delivery in extended beer line systems.The Rugged Construction of the Flojet G56 gas Pump ensures a long life‚.The Flojet G56 gas Pump can be supplied with Push-Fit pipe sockets or serrated Hose Tail connections to Suit.Flojet G56 gas Pump may be powered by Compressed air‚ C02 or Nitrogen. Be sure to utilise the exhaust to air feature when using either C02 or Nitrogen in an enclosed environment.

Flojwet’s G56 Series beer pumps are designed for dispensing draught beer from a keg, cask or brew kettle through both long or short, vertical or horizontal line runs while maintaining the brewers recommended applied pressure on the beer. The gas pressure applied to the beer and the air/gas pressure applied to the pump, to move the beer from the vessel to the point of dispense, are completely separate.

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