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Our new on-line store is now open- click on the shop tap at the top of the page to visit.

We are still adding more and more items for dispensing beer and soft drinks.

We currently stock :

Beer gas pumps G56 Flowjets, Mixed and and CO2 gas valves, John guest beer fittings, beer taps, Keg barrel fittings cask ale pumps and taps and most other cellar equipment.

If you are looking for something that is not yet listed on the on the site then please contact us through the contact form or give us a call

We a now selling Keykeg connectors and Keykeg cleaning sockets in our shop
Keykeg fitting
Buy Keykeg connectors here

Buy Keykeg connectors in the UK

Sankey keg connector D and S type compared

A side by side comparison of both d-type and s-type Sankey keg connector fittings

D type sankey keg connector
The inner seal on the s-type is thinner

S Type sankey keg connectors
The centre piece on the s-type pushes down deeper into keg
Make sure that you have the correct cleaning adaptor to go with the keg connector, using an s-type connector on a d-type keg will damage it.

D-type sankey keg couplers are available to buy in our on-line store