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Gas Pressure for Draught beer

People keep sending us emails asking how much gas pressure their kegs should have on them. The pressure is determined by the the environment that the kegs are kept in. Usually pub cellars are around 12c so if this is the case most products that are on mixed gas 30/70 and 60/40 should be set at around 35psi and CO2 products at about 20psi.

If the kegs are kept in temperatures of more than 12c the pressure will need to be higher.

For a home or mobile bar where the keg is not chilled I would probably set the gas pressure at about 25psi on CO2 gas products and 38psi on mixed gas. Just remember to turn the gas bottles off when you aren't using them or they'll become over cabonated and pour pure foam.

Don't mess with gas valves unless you are sure that you know what you are doing, if you are in a pub call your local technician.

Also use 60/40 gas or CO2 on Lagers and Ciders and 30/70 gas on bitters or stouts (smooth products)

Gas pressure for lager

A rough guide pressure for the most common products:

Fosters on 60/40 gas would be 35psi or on Co2 20 psi
This would be the same for Carling, Carlsberg, San miguel, Kronenbourg, Stella, Becks etc

John Smith's , Tetleys and similar smooth bitter should be set to about 35psi on 30/70 gas

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