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Buy Keykeg connectors and cleaning adaptors

Keykeg coupler

Keykeg coupler connector

The KeyKeg connector with integrated safety valve connects KeyKeg to your existing dispensing system. It's designed for KeyKeg's unique feature: separation of the propellant gas from the beverage. Every coupler is delivered with a deflating tool and a bar instruction card.

Sold in our online store
Keykeg wall socket

Wall mount Keykeg cleaning adaptor socket. For connecting to your existing cleaning system of your cellar wall board.

Keykeg red cap
Keykeg deflating tool

Sold in our online store.

Sankey Keg connector S-Type

Sankey keg coupler

S-Type (Sankey) keg connector fitting:

The most commonly used keg connector in the UK
Used on a lot of Carlsberg and Heineken products
Amstel, Banks's, Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Foster's, John Smith's, Pedigree keg, Kronenbourg 1664,
Heineken, Mansfield smooth, Marston's, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, San Miguel, 
 Staropramen, Strongbow, Stowford press, Tetley's

Sankey keg connector are available to buy in our online store.

Sankey keg coupler

Buy A-type keg connector fittings

Slide on keg fitting

A-Type keg connector (slide on) fitting:

Usually used by Guinness and on the following products
Hoegaarden, Guinness, Pimm's, Asahi and palm

A-type keg connectors are available to buy in our shop
John guest fittings sold separately.

Click on the SHOP tab at the top of the page to buy now or call 01293 862383

Grundy keg connectors G type fitting

Grundy keg coupler

Grundy Keg coupler

Used a lot by Coor's and on the following products
Beck's vier, Blackthorne, Caffrey's, Coor's, Carling, Magner's, Worthington,
 Grolsch, Budweiser, Stella 4%

We can also supply G type cleaning adaptor sockets, call us on 01293 862383 or visit our on-line store

Buy Grundy keg connectors in our online store now 
John guest plastic fittings can be bought separately

Cellar cooling and bottle cooler repairs

Cellar cooling repairs

Refrigeration services -  01293 862 383

Cellar cooling installation

Commercial refrigeration and air conditioning:

Refrigeration engineers

Services Available:

 Refrigeration Equipment: Sales, Installation, Service, Maintenence & Repair  
 Drinks Dispense Refrigeration Service, Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment  
 Decommisioning of Refrigeration Equipment and Drinks Dispensers  
 Vending Machine Refrigeration Service  Refrigeration Estate Management

London Craft Beer Festival

This week we provided and set-up all of the dispense equipment and beer cooling, real ale racking etc for the London Craft Beer Festival at Oval Space in London.

We can provide draught beer equipment for hire for events like this or bigger if required. Contact us for further details and prices.

London Craft Beer Festival

Real Ale Racking Hire London

Draught beer dispenser hire

Draught beer dispenser hire with keg

Hire one of our draught beer dispensers and a keg of Beck's Vier (88 pints) delivered to your door for £265 plus Vat (£318). £3.61 per pint (£3.01 before vat)

Lindr beer dispenser UK

Or with 2 kegs of Becks Vier (176 pints)  for £400 plus vat (£480) £2.72 per pint (£2.27 before vat)
Keg hire

Or with 3 keg of Becks Vier (264) for £545 plus vat (£654) £2.47 per pint (£2.06 before vat)

Becks Vier on Draught
Other keg products are available on request, prices are similar for Foster's and Carlsberg lager additional costs for delivery into central London may apply. Contact us for further details about prices and delivery.
Great for stag weekends and office partys. Prices change often so please call us for the most up to date keg prices!

Bristol Foodies festival 2013

Some of the photos and a short video from our stand at the 2013 Bristol Foodies Festival on the harbourside.
It was great fun and we are looking forward to the Battersea event next....

Bristol foodies 2013
Pete preparing by putting child like writing on a blackboard

Bristol food festival
Brewers and Union, the finest craft beers

Andrew Pottinger Morepour

Scott Daniels
Scott and Pete were happy because they got to wear their own hats!

Zero degrees brewery

Peter White Sussex Bar Hire

Hire our mobile bars for any event!

Buy Gas pumps G56 Flojet Stanwell

Flojet G56 Gas Pump
Plastic Moulded Diaphragm Pump. FLOJET G56 AIR DRIVEN BEER PUMPS antoprene diaphragm‚ EPDM Valves Connections: - Fluid‚ 12.7mm (1/2") hose - Air‚ 6mm (1/4") hose Dimensions: - 116mm long‚ 82mm wide‚ 149mm high Output: - up to 26.5 litres/minute (5.9 gallons/minute). Maximum pressure 8.3bar (120psi) Capable of passing solids up to 3.2mm diameter Corrosion Resistant Sanitary Design Self-priming up to 4.5m Pump can run-dry and handle liquids up to 49ºC (120ºF) Max. Air Supply Pressure8.3bar (120psi)
The Flojet G56 Gas Pump has rapidly become the industry standard for use enhancing delivery in extended beer line systems.The Rugged Construction of the Flojet G56 gas Pump ensures a long life‚.The Flojet G56 gas Pump can be supplied with Push-Fit pipe sockets or serrated Hose Tail connections to Suit.Flojet G56 gas Pump may be powered by Compressed air‚ C02 or Nitrogen. Be sure to utilise the exhaust to air feature when using either C02 or Nitrogen in an enclosed environment.

Flojwet’s G56 Series beer pumps are designed for dispensing draught beer from a keg, cask or brew kettle through both long or short, vertical or horizontal line runs while maintaining the brewers recommended applied pressure on the beer. The gas pressure applied to the beer and the air/gas pressure applied to the pump, to move the beer from the vessel to the point of dispense, are completely separate.

Buy John Guest connectors for beer and soft drinks

John Guest Fittings for beer, wine,water, soft drinks and gas

We now stock a range of John Guest speed connectors in our shop.

John Guest Beer fittings

The complete John Guest range of high quality push-in fittings, pipe and plastic plumbing systems to suit a wide variety of industries and applications such as drinks dispense, plumbing, pneumatics, compressed air systems, water purification and drinks vending.

John Guest push-in fittings are fast and reliable connection alternative over traditional compression and barb fittings when connecting two liquid lines. Simply cut the tubing square and insert it into the fitting.

Draught wine dispenser barrel

This wine barrel has been customised to dispense draught beers and wines direct from a keykeg. Not cas bottles are required and all of the cooling for it is built in. This is the first one in its early stages before being cleaned up. The top lifts off lifts off to access the keg and cooler unit inside... Seems to work quite well.

wine barrel tap

kegkeg dispenser

Draught wine

Roli & Ryan wines now available on tap in the UK

draft wine

We select genuine, unadulterated Italian wines and help you get them directly to the consumer in wine by the glass or by the carafe.

Restaurateurs can make better margins, great wine becomes more accessible and customers get better value in their glass

Pay for great wine, not the bottle.

When you buy wine in modern P.E.T. wine 'kask' from Roli & Ryan wines, you pay for the wine not: the bottle, the label, the cork or fluffy marketing.

keg prosecco
Our wine kasks sell out in 7-14 days guaranteeing consistently fresh wines.

Superb wines at a much lower economic and ecologic cost.

Roli & Ryan's 30ltr holds more than 40 bottles or 200 5oz glass pours.

You get the same amount of wine with half the weight, saving on delivery cost, burning less fuel and creating fewer carbon emissions. Because the casks are one way, there is no fuel burned to return it, no deposit, no storage and no logistical nightmare returning empty kasks.

Our kasks are 100% recyclable

For more information visit or email

Follow Roli & Ryan on twitter @r2wine

Draught wine from Roli & Ryan in kegs from Italy now available in the UK

Buy keg beer and real ale equipment

Our new on-line store is now open- click on the shop tap at the top of the page to visit.

We are still adding more and more items for dispensing beer and soft drinks.

We currently stock :

Beer gas pumps G56 Flowjets, Mixed and and CO2 gas valves, John guest beer fittings, beer taps, Keg barrel fittings cask ale pumps and taps and most other cellar equipment.

If you are looking for something that is not yet listed on the on the site then please contact us through the contact form or give us a call

We a now selling Keykeg connectors and Keykeg cleaning sockets in our shop
Keykeg fitting
Buy Keykeg connectors here

Buy Keykeg connectors in the UK

Sankey keg connector D and S type compared

A side by side comparison of both d-type and s-type Sankey keg connector fittings

D type sankey keg connector
The inner seal on the s-type is thinner

S Type sankey keg connectors
The centre piece on the s-type pushes down deeper into keg
Make sure that you have the correct cleaning adaptor to go with the keg connector, using an s-type connector on a d-type keg will damage it.

D-type sankey keg couplers are available to buy in our on-line store

Custom fit real ale engines

Custom made real ale pump installed at Cheriton Road sports ground in Folkstone. Extra thick wooden plinths to allow extra space from the bar top to the first shelf. These are useful in a bar area where the back bar area is mad from stainless steel and can't be altered to accommodate the beer taps.

Guide for setting up real ale

A basic guide for setting up real ale in pub cellars using standard cask taps, this guide is no good for upright syphon rods.

1. Racking -When possible casks must be stillaged level upon delivery and secured to prevent any movement. This will allow the sediment to settle to the bottom of the cask. Do not settle the casks tilting forwards, this can cause the sediment to settle close to the neck of the cask tap that will come out in the product during dispense.

2. Venting - The cask should be vented on the day that the beer is delivered, ideally after a few hours allowing time for beer to settle and cool. To vent - make sure that shive and venting hole are both clean, next knock a hole through the shive into the cask with either a hard peg or a venting tool. Once the cask has vented replace loosly with a soft wooden peg. Keep the soft peg in place until the fermentation/bubbling has stopped, then replace with a hard peg until you are ready for sale.

If there are any signs that pressure is building up behind the hard peg a little more time with a soft peg will be required!

How to settle cask beer
Make sure that wooden pegs are only used once and destroyed to prevent bacteria getting into the beer.

3. Tapping the cask - Make sure that the keystone is clean and the cask tap is sterile. Remove the hard peg and with the cask tap partially open knock through the keystone with a wooden mallet. Allow time for the cask to settle again then sample to beer from the cask tap into a glass to inspect the clarity/quality.
If the clarity, taste and smell are all ok the cask is now ready for you to connect and serve.

Beer Dispense

Morepour specialise in draught beer installation, maintenance and supply of related equipment.

Our fully trained technicians provide technical service 365 days a year.

We provide cover around London and the South East

visit our main website at for more details about us.

Gas Pressure for Draught beer

People keep sending us emails asking how much gas pressure their kegs should have on them. The pressure is determined by the the environment that the kegs are kept in. Usually pub cellars are around 12c so if this is the case most products that are on mixed gas 30/70 and 60/40 should be set at around 35psi and CO2 products at about 20psi.

If the kegs are kept in temperatures of more than 12c the pressure will need to be higher.

For a home or mobile bar where the keg is not chilled I would probably set the gas pressure at about 25psi on CO2 gas products and 38psi on mixed gas. Just remember to turn the gas bottles off when you aren't using them or they'll become over cabonated and pour pure foam.

Don't mess with gas valves unless you are sure that you know what you are doing, if you are in a pub call your local technician.

Also use 60/40 gas or CO2 on Lagers and Ciders and 30/70 gas on bitters or stouts (smooth products)

Gas pressure for lager

A rough guide pressure for the most common products:

Fosters on 60/40 gas would be 35psi or on Co2 20 psi
This would be the same for Carling, Carlsberg, San miguel, Kronenbourg, Stella, Becks etc

John Smith's , Tetleys and similar smooth bitter should be set to about 35psi on 30/70 gas

Craft Beer Rising 2013 at the old Truman brewery London

We were at the craft beer rising event at the old Truman brewery in London setting up the draught beer on the stands. It was a great few days and I would like to thank everybody for the free beers that were given to us. Below are a few of the photos from the event:

Thornbridge stand craft beer rising
Thornebridge Brewery
The Union Tavern Craft beer rising
The Union Tavern
Wells and Young's
Hook Norton Brewery
Brew Dog at craft beer rising
Brew Dog
Greene Kings stand craft beer rising
Greene King
Hogs Back Brewery
Marston's brewery
Brains craft brewery
Batemans at craft beer rising
Brewers and Union

We can provide equipment to hire for any size beer festival, call us now!