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how to install a beer tap

How to install a beer tap

Another picture showing a simple installation of draught keg beer. This way would be OK for home use or to use on an outside bar. 

The gas comes out of the gas bottle and into the valve, then out of the valve into the side of the keg fitting.
Then out of the top of the keg fitting and into an inlet on the flash cooler. It then comes out of the flash cooler and into the tap (font).

Gas pressure could be set at around 22-25 psi on on Co2 for most lagers but the gas pressure normally depends on how warm the keg is. Set the Pressure higher on Keykegs though!

No fob detector is required.

We can supply all of the above equipment please visit our shop or contact us through our contact form.

This setup will work for most home and outside bars for kegs or keykegs.

If you were to purchase everything in this diagram you would need:

1x co2 gas primary valve, 1x keg connector, 2 keg connector fittings (1/2- 3/8 bsp), 2 x 3/8 equal elbow (john guest) fittings for the cooler, 1x flash cooler, 1x flow control to adjust the speed of the flow and a beer font/tap.

We can provide all of the equipment for this setup call our office on 01293 862383 for details and prices.